Friday, May 06, 2005

It's been 38 Days Since I've had a Cigarette...

What a time it's been. The highs, the lows, the strange looking crud I've started coughing up in the morning. Even though I have felt better at times, I find that I am inordinately proud of myself for making it this long. I haven't assualted or slain anyone this whole time althoug I would be lying if I say the thought hasn't frequently crossed my mind. My two kids are supportive. My nine year old daughter has been on my case about my smoking for the last couple of years. She doesn't seem to understand why cola isn't an acceptable substitute for any other beverage known to man, but she does support Daddy being smoke free. It's nice not being "Stinky Daddy" anymore.

In addition to giving up one addiction, it turns out I have lost another. I find that I can't stand the taste of black coffee anymore. I had given it up on the supposition that I was unable to drink coffee without having a cigarette and last week I finally tried a cup at work (good coffee too) and the taste was absolutely horrid. fortunately I have discovered the joyness (my word, deal) of green tea. Although I have to recommend that you stay away from Lipton Iced Green Tea. It is horribly sweet from that corn syrup they put in there. Make your own, with a little bit of clover honey and some fresh lemon slices. It's worth the effort.


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