Friday, May 13, 2005

If Insanity had a Holiday...

Today would be the day. I came in to work today and it was like someone had blown the doors off. Business was slow and everyone tried to take a nap or something because one good push was all it took for everyone to get caught with their pants down. It was ok since I helped motivate them to succeed. But still, it never should have happened. What a long shift! on the plus side, I managed to squeeze a couple of basic sauce recipes from one of our Asian chefs. You see, I am helping put together a recipe database that is supposed to tie in to the company's inventory management system. Naturally since I have to deal with the most Asian employees in my four kitchens I was given the task of putting in the Asian Recipes! Wheeeeee! I've learned some valuble stuff though. I'll put up the Asian versions of brown and white sauces later...when I'm not so wound up. Catch you on the flip side.


Blogger Veii said...

sounds like you are a good manager.
but you never mentioned if you were a manager...curious?

3:00 PM  
Blogger Chef Dad said...

Erm, I should work up my profile a bit eh? Yes, I manage more than anything else although my official title is Chef. I run a Production Kitchen, a Buffet, and two Fast Food Operations. I am accountable for a staff of many ncluding, but not limited too a 100 Cooks, Master Cooks, and Specialty Cooks plus five Sous Chefs. I used to cook for a living, now I tell others how I want it cooked. To quote another chef in the business, "I suck."

4:58 PM  

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