Monday, May 09, 2005

Here's to the Mothers Day Weekend!

What a mother it was. We served over 6000 people just at the Buffet yesterday, 1700 of them for breakfast. The men and women that work for me really know how to get the job done. I remember thinking that the level of dedication I saw from my cooks when I was a Banquet Chef was hard to top, but the cooks I have in that Buffet also have that same stubborn streak that won't let them die, no matter how busy or short handed we are. They are an amazing crew. I remembered my wife on Mother's Day and managed to give my own mother a ring on the phone. I hope all of you were able to do the same.

I tried my hand at putting a counter on this site, but the image locations were different in IE and in Firefox and I don't know why. Hopefully I will have it figured out and ready to roll shortly. On that note, I was searching for other restuarant blogs on Google and I came across Horsefeathers. This site is really well done, and I hope that eventually my own site is as well regarded as that one. Once I learn how to write HTML anyway.



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